British Wave Ski Association

The British Waveski Association (BWSA) is an independent non-political, non-profit making organisation and is run by a voluntary committee for the mutual benefit of all members. The committee and its officers, like most organisations are subject to periodical re-election at an Annual General Meeting and the BWSA is affiliated to the World Wave Ski Association (WWSA).

The aim of the BWSA is to promote the sport of Wave Ski riding in all its forms using all means open to it and the BWSA actively engages and negotiates with local authorities and other official bodies as required to develop, protect and further the interests of the sport.

The BWSA supports the formation of affiliated clubs in all areas of Britain to serve the interests and ambitions of local Wave Ski Riders and the BWSA also supports competition in the sport at the following levels:-

  • Club
  • National
  • International

The BWSA is currently represented on the WWSA Committee and competitions with other countries are actively encouraged.

Wave Skiing

Waveskiing, a dynamic sport formed the amalgamation of the paddle power of the canoe coupled with the manoeuvrability and performance of a surfboard…. The Waveski is the shorter cousin of the surf-ski and even larger paddle-ski. These craft are traditionally used in coastal leisure and coastal surf lifesaving, however these are recreational and utility crafts and have not been designed for performance surfing. Waveskis on the other hand have been designed to extract the most from ocean formed swell….

World Championships

Waveskis have been surfed on some of the largest and most powerful surf in the world. Using some of the member countries of the World Waveski Association as an example of these areas, we see competitors from Australia, New Zealand, America, South Africa, France, and Brazil actively competing year in year out around the world. And although we cannot be classed as having the world’s most powerful surf, Great Britain is a regular at these events.

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