Tynemouth Paddle Surf Open 2017

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16th of September 2017 to the 17th of September 2017 at 08:00 AM - Last date for registration is the 10th of September 2017




A second year and a second Paddle Surf Competition in the North East of England. We’re aiming for a one day event with all competitions on Saturday 16th September, however the main open final may run on the Sunday dependent on conditions and timings.

Event Information

The day will consist of the following competitions:

  • An Open Surf Kayak Competition

We'll run this as three heats of 6, depending on your position in your heat:

  • The top six sit-on-tops will progress to the Sit-on-Top Final
  • The top six playboats will progress to the Playboat Final
  • The final six will progress to the shield final

Open Competition

For the open competition we're capping the entry at 30 and will run each round as six heats with 5 competitors in each heat running with a handicap system.

Paddlers will compete in 2 to 3 rounds of heats each lasting 13 - 15minutes (dependant on entries and time on the day). For each round of heats competitors will be re-shuffled so you’ll be against different paddlers each time. Throughout the day you’ll compete scoring in each heat as they do so. The top scoring paddlers will then compete in the open semi finals and the an overall final to decide the winner. The remain paddlers will then compete in the cup semi finals.

A paddlers’ handicap will be set according to the following details:

Handicapping Questionnaire 2 points added for each question answered ‘yes’.

  • Are you Male?
  • Are you 18 or over?
  • Are you between 19 and 39?
  • Are you competing in a specialist surf craft?
  • Have you competed in a surf kayak or surf ski competition in the last 12 months?
  • Have you ever represented your country for surf kayaking or surf skiing?
  • Have you ever been placed in the top three of a World Championship?

General Information

The competition will run at Longsands Beach in Tynemouth and be based just next to Crusoes Cafe. The proposed timings for the day are as follows (subject to change):

  • Open Round 1 - 09:15am - 10:15am
  • Open Round 2 - 10:30am - 11:30am
  • Open Round 3 - 11:45am - 12:45pm
  • Cup Semi Finals - 2:00pm - 2:30pm
  • Open Semi Finals - 2:30pm - 3:00pm
  • Cup Finals - 3:30pm - 4:00pm
  • Open Finals - 4:00pm - 4:30pm
  • Prize-giving - 17:30pm


We'd like to give a massive thanks to our sponsors:

  • Cullercoats Bike & Kayak - http://cullercoatsbikekayak.co.uk
  • Tootega - http://www.tootega.com/en-gb/

Booking Details

Please register below, payment in advance (prior to September 10th) to be arranged through Cullercoats Bike & Kayak - 0191 251 9412 - http://cullercoatsbikekayak.co.uk


To cover insurance you'll either need BCU / Governing body membership or day membership can be purchased for £5.

Terms and Conditions of Entry

DISCLAIMER I accept that participation in Canoe sport has inherent risks which may result in injury, death or loss of earnings and damage/loss of equipment.

I fully understand and accept these risks and take full responsibility for my participation.

I declare that to the best of my knowledge and belief I am physically fit and do not have any condition, which may impair my ability to participate in canoe sport.

Payment Details


Beginners [1 / 18]


Open Class [12 / 20]

LAING, Simon
OTTO, Geoff
SHAW, George