Terms and Conditions

As with all websites these days - Terms and Conditions of use are needed and help protect both Tournr and you, if you have any questions - please let us know and we'll clarify where we can!


These Terms and Conditions (T&Cs) are for everyone who uses the site, irrespective of whether you have an account or don't.


  1. Tournr is soley owned by Anabranch Ltd, any reference to Tournr below can also be read as Anabranch Ltd.
  2. An Organiser is someone (or some company/organisation) that is running a competition.
  3. A Competitor is someone (or a team) that is entering a competition.


  1. Tournr doesn't run any competitions - it helps other people (or indeed companies) run them, as such it is your responsibility to ensure the organiser you're giving your money to is legitimate. In particular if you're not using PayPal to pay, double check.
  2. Any disputes over the competition (payments etc) are with the Organisers, they have sole responsibility.
  3. Uploads to a competition should be treated with caution - there is no guarantee they are safe, it is your responsibility to take precautions.

Competitor data

  1. The only data that Tournr makes visible to other Competitors is your name, country flag (if you've set it), which competitions you've organised (are organising) or have competed (are competing) in and your result.
  2. The data that a Competitor enters on the site is theirs. An Organiser can only see it if they are given permission to see it, and this is an opt-in choice. An organiser might require your email address, but can only see it if you allow it. You may not be able to register if you don't supply the information requested.
  3. Tournr intends to use your result to creating ranking lists. This will be opt-in and no Competitor will be visible on the ranking lists without their express permission.
  4. Tournr will not harvest your personal details for any purpose. Your email address will only be used to communicate to you about competitions you are registered for, or if there is any site update that you need to know about (for example an update to the T&Cs of the site).

Organiser / Competition data

  1. The data of the competition you run is yours.
  2. Anything you upload (be it logo, registration files etc) is yours, but by uploading you give permission for Tournr to use them to advertise your competition or Tournr itself (for example in a tweet).
  3. Tournr will use the results you post to generate ranking lists.
  4. Any dispute over payments etc is the Organiser's responsibility to resolve.