GDPR Information

Hello! This page will give you information about how Tournr deals with the GDPR regulations that are in effect on the 25th of May 2018. Throughout this, "Tournr", "Anabranch", "we", "our" or "us" (terms referring to *not you*) are all the same entity.

What is GDPR?

GDPR is best explained on Wikipedia and the ICO website. In essence, it's about protecting your data, and ensuring that you have all the rights you should have to do with your data as you wish - and prevent companies doing what they want without your express permission.

Protecting your data

Tournr is committed to protecting all your data, to that end we only ask for an Email address. We only use your email for 2 reasons:

  1. To communicate competition information with you (registration successful, results, communications from the organisers)
  2. To communicate with you in the event you have hit a problem with the site - this is things like attempts to register, but not succeeding.

Any information you provide is used soley to help you in competitions - from a 'processing' point of view - the only processing we do is on the results of a public competition - and we use those to generate ranks.

The Privacy help pages haven't changed, we've always viewed your data as yours and you've always been free to delete your account/details - or even fill it up with gobbledegook.

Data Retention

Your account information is kept for as long as you have an account - by this we mean your email address and the name you provided (NB we have no way of knowing if that's your real name, a pseduoname or a 'handle'). When you delete your account that is gone - we cannot recover it.


You've always had to give consent for an organiser to see your information, and this is on a competition-by-competition basis - if you don't agree, it will not be shared with them (as a consequence, they may not allow you to enter - but that is their choice). If we ever wanted to send you something other than relating to your competition or to help you use Tournr, well - we can't. We have no way to ask you for consent, as we don't have consent to do that - catch-22! If it ever changes and we do want consent - it'll be a setting on your Me page, where all your settings will always be.

Questions / Contact

We hope we've always been approachable and helpful, and that doesn't stop here - if you want to ask any questions, have any comments please use the feedback link on the bottom of the site, or just email Chris and he'll try to answer anything he can!