Frequently Asked Questions

Why use Tournr?

Organisers - Tournr is designed to cope specifically with running competitions, it allows competitors to register and for you to manage who is and isn't coming, it gives you a place to keep all the things related to your competition in one place, no need to have a spreadsheet of competitors. It also allows you to fill in the results and have them visible to anyone quickly and easily.

Competitors - Tournr should make it easier to find and register for the competitions you want to take part in. Over time you'll be able to see how your performance has improved and compare yourself to other competitors to see where you rank.

How much will it cost me?

Nothing. Tournr won't cost you anything to use as either a competitor or an organiser.

I can't find X? Are you going to be adding Y? I think it would be cool if you did Z...

Tournr is young, growing fast and I have loads of things I want to add to the site, please use the feedback link or email me ( and I'll let you know if & when I'm planning to get something in! It'll help me prioritize for you (the users) of Tournr.

I need X before I can use Tournr

If you need something to be able to use the site - please email me ( and I will see what I can do.

Why can't I login using Facebook / Twitter etc?

My main reason is that if you ask me to delete your account - I want to make sure I can do that - totally - your data is your data and you should have control over it.