Donating Information

What is the money used for?

Tournr unfortunately costs money to run, I won't go into detail, but there are server costs for databases, hosting etc by donating the money goes towards these expenses. In the event that donations exceed the running costs, the money would go towards investment, so the ability to add new and exciting features that at the moment are beyond my ability to cover :)

How does it work?

The organiser sets the price of the entry to their competition. To donate - they simply say what percentage of that entry fee goes to Tournr. The competitor pays no more than they would have done, but the payment gets split into two at the point of purchase.

An organiser must decide whether to donate or not (default is to not), there is no difference in what you get to use on Tournr if you donate or don't. All you get is that warm feeling and a badge on your competition to indicate you are a donor. You can choose to donate as little or as much as you want.

What are the limits?

If the percent you choose to donate works out to be less than 20p per entry, then nothing will happen - as that would be cleared out by PayPal's fees.

Example donations

Class Cost (£) Percent Donation Donation to Tournr (£)